Hey guys, we thought we would share a little glimpse into our travels on the road while working with new couples and clients along the way. We live and breathe what we do so it's no surprise we always make time to slow down and enjoy the journey, and the ride! There is nothing we love more than jumping in our VW aka Buffy. Yep she's named after the vampire slayer. We love to use her as a changing room when we are shooting with couples and clients too, she comes in handy and everyone loves treating it like their walk in wardrobe! Here are some of our personal travels around the UK. We love hitting the road being based nationally and available to travel to all areas of the UK, it gives us so much freedom.

For us every job is an adventure and we love documenting open roads, sunsets, moon phases on our telescope as cinematic nostalgia while we travel. Scouting for locations has always been something we have been doing in our personal time for years for our work. We love to set the scene with our landscape golden hour photography and intense deep tones utilising mother nature.