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We want to create head turning high quality fashion images that are timeless, naturally documented, and visually striking. Coming from a creative background working in the fashion industry in our studio and across the UK, we appreciate an eye for detail and finding all the little quirks, characteristics and attributes of people. We love highlighting the best of our couples. 


With a love for mother nature, in our spare time we seek inspiration through the outdoors; travelling to watch sunsets at dusk in our camper van. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to work together and travel around meeting wonderful people that we treat as a friend.

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a little about us

Hi, we are Patricia and Trevor, a husband and wife photography couple. We have photographed collectively for 12 years. Trevor is a documentary wedding photographer and Patricia a Fashion Photographer. We studied photography at university together and decided to combine our unique style of off guarded natural moments with a fashion flair for our weddings. For us it's about capturing a mood within a photo; leaving the moment untouched while creating an atmosphere of your love story as if it were a vivid dream.



































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Our mantra is to transport you to a realm of reality meets a dream. To stimulate all of the senses and feel captivated by our work. To look back on your wedding day and feel the nostalgia, mood and magic between each other with visually striking imagery.

With an appreciation of art and light, we travel in our van often exploring and watching sunsets in our downtime. The presence we create in our work is about empowering an aura within our work, with the intensity of mother nature. We are humbled and passionate to create magic and photography for couples that truly captivates the soul. 

If you feel a connection to our work