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Hello and welcome, we are a husband and wife photography couple. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and in our personal time we are inspired by mother nature, nostalgia, energy and intuitively creating with a great love and passion for what we do. We express mood in a highly stylish emotive manner within our work, compelled to tell your love story as if it were a vivid dream.  

We are free spirits and find it so freeing travelling to our couples. in our personal time we venture across the UK and abroad in our camper van, and so we naturally enjoy destination weddings, elopements and photographing care free, stylish and authentic couples.

we love to conjure a quality in our imagery that is enchanting, enticing and bewitching, treating our bride as our muse. As a married couple we are completely relaxed and chilled out in our vibe and aim to deliver the most jaw dropping double take photos, it's a soul thing.

our vision is to create candid photos with fashion finesse reflecting timeless emotional memoirs for you to look back on in your home as forever keepsakes. transporting you to an ethereal realm of fine art photography. We love to chase golden hour sunsets, ocean views and cliff top mountains.


we relate to friendly, trusting energy between our couples. the connection between us and our couples should reflect aesthetically and stylistically. we love Creative couples, free spirits, fashion conscious brides, and the freedom to express your wedding as art through the soul.

feeling nervous? we are a warm easy going couple and love to treat you as a friend. bringing out your energy while making you feel relaxed. we love to document smiles, laughter, vulnerability, off guarded moments with unconstrained, sensibility. 

we give more than just a photographer, on a personal level patricia loves checking your veil, pulling out your dress, being here to help you...touching up brides makeup when asked. we want to vibe with you so you can have the best day of your lives and give you photos that don't need to be expressed by words. we offer engagement and couple sessions to make you feel chilled out and care free. 

Facts about us - Patricia is a Fashion Photographer and Trevor a documentary wedding photographer for 13 years.


- We graduated in photography meeting at university.

- we love road trips and travel to no man's land just for sun and moon photos.

- your dads rock music are our tunes.

- enjoys weight training, going to festivals. collects cactus and vinyl. 

- love all thing bohemian, rock and roll, gothic, western and nostalgic.

- enjoys meeting friends through like minded couples and creatives that connect with the same interests.



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